School Meals

Every pupil at Carrongreange High School is entitled to a free school meal at lunch time. The meals are designed by nutritionist to ensure that the pupil have a health balanced diet whilst at school. All food is prepaired on the premisis by our experienced kitchen staff.

The school meals run on a 3 week rotation of menus:

W/B: 5th February Week 1

W/B: 12th February Week 2

W/B: 19th February Week 3

W/B: 26th February Week 1

W/B: 5th March  Week 2

W/B: 12th March  Week 3

W/B: 19th March Week 1

W/B: 26th March Week 2

W/B: 16th April Week 2

W/B: 23rd April Week 3

W/B: 30th April Week 1

W/B: 7th May Week 2

W/B: 14th May Week 3

W/B: 21st May Week 1

W/B: 28th May Week 2

W/B: 4th June Week 3

W/B: 11th June Week 1

W/B: 18th June Week 2

W/B: 25th June Week 3