CHS School Uniform

At Carrongrange High School we promote the wearing of school uniform is important for the following reasons:

  • it is seen by others as a positive sign of a school that maintains high standards and is valued by pupils and parents alike.
  • it identifies everyone with Carrongrange High School and allows pupils to show pride in their school
  • it helps to keep pupils safe by making it easy to identify any strangers who might come into the school grounds
  • it encourages pupils to separate school from leisure and to realise that different behaviours apply. It removes the pressure of competitive dressing and the bullying that is sometimes associated with what children wear


School uniform:    

  • Plain black trousers/skirt
  • White school shirt or polo shirt
  • Black Sweatshirt or Cardigan
  • School Tie

            P.E. Kit:

  • T-Shirt
  • Shorts
  • Trainers

 Parents are asked to co-operate with the school in encouraging the wearing of the school uniform.


School Ties, Sweatshirts and PE kits can be ordered directly from the school and an order form can be found below.


Please mark all school clothing and PE kit clearly with the pupil’s name. 


We also ask parents to support the school in requesting that pupils do not wear the following:

  • Offensive clothing such as T-shirts or other items painted with obscene language or illustrations  
  • football tops or strips
  • t-shirts, vests, or cropped tops
  • jeans
  • shell suits or other highly flammable materials
  • high heels, and excessive jewellery or make-up
  • hooded tops and other fashion wear

We understand that some of our pupils may find wearing certain items of clothing difficult due to sensory issues. In these circumstances we ask that pupils still aim to wear school colours. Non uniform days are held at various points throughout the year. Pupils must still wear clothing that is appropriate for the school setting.


If you have any queries regarding the school’s dress code, please contact your child’s Principal Teacher.


School Clothing Grants of £120 are available for families on low incomes/benefits. Please visit Falkirk Council's website


We also have our PEF fund application form for items of school cothing (link below)