P7 - S1 Transition

We are very aware that the transition from Primary to Secondary school can be a very worrying time for both our pupils and parents. At Carrongrange High School we endeavour to make the transition as seamless as possible. This starts at the beginning of each year when the process starts to see who will be attending. Once this information is given to the school we start the transition process. Each pupil has a designated staff member who will be dealing with their transition.


The transition will normally involve several visits from a member of staff to your child's primary school. This is to get to know your child and their learning styles. The P7's then visit the school so they can see where they will be coming next term and also meet as many teachers and pupils at the school as they can.


The school has run a very successful summer program over the last few years. This is to let the pupils who are entering S1 get to know each other as they work through team building exercises.


If you have any questions regarding the transition please send then to the school via the school web site and they will be directed to the appropriate member of staff for a response.


Below is our transition booklet for 2017-2018