S3 to S4 Senior Choices

*When you make the transition from S3 into the Senior Phase, your curriculum will change. You will start to work on a learning journey that will provide you with the opportunity to gain National Qualifications and Awards. These qualifications will range from National 1 to National 3 and perhaps further. You will have compulsory subjects like Literacy, Numeracy , Health & Wellbeing and you will be able to choose to specialise in subjects you like or have a special talent for.

*During your 3 years in the Senior Phase you will build up a portfolio of National Qualifications which will allow you to choose what you wish do to when you leave school eg college or work.

*How hard you work and how much you challenge yourself to continuously do better will directly affect how many qualifications you achieve. Senior Phase teaching staff will support and encourage you not only “to be all you can be” but also to become an independent young adult ready for life beyond school.

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