Mission Statement

“Carrongrange High School community provides a creative learning environment which is flexible and nurturing, supportive yet challenging. Young people are encouraged to develop skills for life and reach their full potential.”

Aims & Values

In June 2018, our House Captains and Vice Captains worked together with Headteacher, Mrs Robertson, to come up with our new school aims and values:


At Carrongrange High School, we will:

  • Be All We Can Be!
  • Include each other – no-one should be left out
  • Dress smartly in school uniform
  • Take responsibility for our own behaviour
  • Show good manners and be polite
  • Respect, tolerate and be kind to each other
  • Share, take turns and help each other
  • Value each other’s skills and talents
  • Look after our school building
  • Listen carefully all the time