Health and Wellbeing

General Overview:

Good health and wellbeing is central to effective learning and preparation for successful independent living for all young people. It is the shared responsibility of everyone who has contact with children and young people to create this supportive environment to aid learning and foster good health and wellbeing. 

Learning will cover areas such as substance misuse, relationships, sexual health, parenthood, social and life skills, dependent on the age, development and maturity of each individual child.  As a result, children will be more self-assured and will have more awareness of the effect their actions have on others. They will be supported to gain knowledge, understanding, skills and capabilities to help them feel more informed about making healthy lifestyle choices now and in the future. Learning in and through health and wellbeing will help establish patterns of daily healthy activity which is likely to lead to improved health outcomes in adult life.


Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood Education

Relationships, sexual health and parenthood education is an integral part of the health and wellbeing area of the schools curriculum in Scotland.

Learning about relationships, sexual health, and parenthood begins early on in primary school right up to S4-S6. Schools will equip young people with information on a wide range of issues, depending on their age and stage. This could include puberty, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), contraception, how to access sexual health services to the tasks involved in looking after a baby. They will be encouraged to discuss these subjects with their peers and parents, to help them gain knowledge, and the skills to become confident in making healthy lifestyle decisions for themselves.


Substance misuse education

We are taking forward substance misuse education work in our schools through Curriculum for Excellence. This covers controlled drugs, safe use of medicines, alcohol, tobacco and solvents. Children and young people will explore the impact risk taking behaviour has on life choices and health. Giving clear information on the risks helps young people to make healthy choices.


Child Safety

Every adult in Scotland has a role in ensuring all our children live safely and can reach their full potential.

School staff help keep children and young people safe and well by:

  • Helping them learn about personal safety including protecting themselves against grooming and exploitation.
  • Being a trusted adult who children and young people may turn to for help, and will take them seriously
  • Identify when children and young people may need help
  • Understanding the steps that must be taken when there are concerns for children’s and young people’s safety and well-being


Overview taken and adapted from the Scottish Government