Senior Phase (S4-S6)

National Course: Life Skills Maths

The pupils in the senior phase (S4-S6) are streamed in to sets so they are with other pupils of the same ability.

They will cover different areas depending on what level they are presented at.

National 1:

  • Number Skills: Recognising Numbers
  • Number Skills: Number Processes
  • Number Skills: Using a Calculator
  • Number Skills: Handling Information
  • Number Skills: Handling Money
  • Number Skills: Time
  • Number Skills: Shapes
  • Number Skills: Measurement of Length
  • Number Skills: Measurement of Volume
  • Number Skills: Measurement of Weight

National 2:

  • Life Skills Numeracy:  Number Processing
  • Life Skills Numeracy: Time
  • Life Skills Numeracy: Measurement
  • Life Skills Numeracy: Money
  • Life Skills Numeracy: Shape, Space and Data

National 3:

  • Manage Money and Data
  • Shape, Space and Measures
  • Numeracy