Overview Science

In S4 pupils can study science at National 1, National 2 or National 3 levels. The course is very practical at all levels with experiments undertaken both in the classroom and outside. The course at National 1 can cover each of the following topics – reduce re-use recycle, materials, energy, nature and the environment and living things. National 2 studies Science in the Environment covering two mandatory topics of – Resources, Forces/Energy and Living things. Pupils then have a choice to study either the Eco friendly option of Sustainable Lifestyles or Managing an Environmental Area both of these options are practically based outdoors (weather permitting).

At National 3 the topics covered are: Fragile Earth (energy, food, metals and water), Human Health (looking at advances in monitoring health and what we can do to look after our bodies) and Applications of Science (which covers telecommunications – radio/light and sound waves, satellite technology and storage technologies, for example those used in mobile phones).