BGE (S1-S3)

Following the CFE outcomes we focus on practical, problem-solving and collaborative activities which enable children to show what they know and understand, and how they use equipment.  

Pupils can demonstrate progress in their skills by making models, in organising and carrying out practical activities and solving problems. They enjoy a range of technological opportunities from looking at the impacts of Technology in their everyday lives, to working with a range of materials to create successful products.

We have a range of equipment and resources that allow our pupils to have a fulfilling technical experience.

Our current courses in BGE include:

S1:          Introduction to DET (Problem solving and teamwork challenges)

                 Developing Practical Skills (Making products from wood, metal and plastic)

S2:          Technology in Society (robotic programming and the impact of technology around us)

                Sustainability (practical skills using recycled materials)    

                Dream School (creating a 3-D CAD model using professional software)

S3:          Introduction to the Design Process (developing and manufacturing a product)